Wednesday, August 21, 2013

[NEWS BITES] Happy's Pizza and Pub open in West Bloomfield

Oh, the things that come through my email. So. Despite the owner of Happy's Pizza, Happy Asker (his name is actually Happy! That makes me...happy), being indicted for tax fraud, the local pizza chain continues to expand. Most recently they opened Happy's Pizza and Pub in West Bloomfield, a sit-down, dine-in version of the fast food pizzeria with a full bar. My feeling was that it would be more your standard sit-down Buddy's than Jet's Sportsroom in Chelsea, but nay, apparently they are also trying to tackle the "eat/drink local" clientele. Here's the presser:

Happy’s Pizza is proud to announce the opening of their new Happy’s Pizza and Pub location in West Bloomfield, MI (7170 Orchard Lake Road), which officially opened on Monday, July 29.

The new Pizza and Pub was originally a Happy’s Pizza location, but re-opened as a sports bar and family-style restaurant. The Happy’s Pizza and Pub store features a full restaurant atmosphere, with over 40 flat screen televisions, 28 domestic craft beers and seats over 200 people, making it a great place to connect with family and friends while watching the big game. The new location has a full bar while still providing customers with the traditional Happy’s Pizza menu and concept of feeding a family of four for under $20.

“We couldn’t be more excited to open a Happy’s Pizza and Pub right here in Metro Detroit,” said Jason Curis, co-CEO for Happy’s Pizza. “Detroit is one of the best sports cities in the U.S. Now our customers will have the option of ordering in or coming down to the Pizza and Pub, where they can enjoy a great atmosphere while still eating the same delicious food.”

Happy’s Pizza offers over 220 menu items ranging from pizza to salads, chicken, ribs and seafood but will expand their menu in the pub to offer new dishes. Happy’s is best known for having pricing that allows a family to eat dinner for under $20.00 and deliver within a 5 mile radius of the store (248-406-5555). New pub hours are 11am – 2am, every day of the week.

Happy’s Pizza also offers franchising opportunities, more information upon request.

About Happy’s Pizza and Pub
The first Happy’s Pizza and Pub location opened in March of 2013 in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. The store features a full restaurant atmosphere, making it a good place to connect with family and friends while watching the big game. Happy’s Pizza and Pub will have a full bar while still providing customers with the traditional Happy’s Pizza menu.

About Happy’s Pizza
The first Happy’s Pizza opened in 1996 on Detroit’s Northeast side on a busy corner and quickly became known for not only its pizza, but also its barbeque ribs, fried chicken and seafood. Happy’s Pizza soon turned into a household name in Michigan and has expanded into eight other states. Happy’s Pizza’s primary mission is to provide families with the finest quality foods at the lowest possible price and to assure that each and every restaurant location a charitable leader throughout the communities that they serve. For more information visit

A lifetime ago I lived in West Bloomfield and it was pretty much a bar and restaurant desert. There were a few decent spots but they usually didn't last long. Things have been looking up a bit out there (and don't forget, Huerto Restaurant and Tequila Bar is opening there this fall) and I'll be honest, (a) pizza-lover that I am, and (b) beer-lover that I am, and (c) Happy's Pizza cheese bread-lover that I am, I might just check this place out next time I'm out that way. (Even though Jet's is still a thousand times better, OBVIOUSLY.)