Monday, August 19, 2013

The Week(s) We Ate (The EID Week in Review Double-Header pt. 1)

I had to take some time for myself that week so this week is a double-header highlight reel.

~Rubbed is opening in Corktown serving fancy European meats and sammiches. [Model D]
~All of the Hatch-ness. Here. Then here. [Model D x2]
~Hey, if we can take something and make it a MOTHERFUCKING THING, then damnit that's what we're going to fucking do. So now single-item food festivals are a thing. [EID]

And more about Hatch contestants Batch here. [Crain's]

Detroit is a kinder, gentler Brooklyn. [Crain's]

Mark Wahlberg was in town. [EID FB]

Speaking of single-item food fests, One-Eyed Betty's won the second-annual Burger Brawl. [Freep]

Midtown has a lot going on. So does downtown. [Crain's / Freep]

Check it out, a Detroit restaurant not in MidCorkDown. [Freep]

A Greek news outlet reports Greektown is doing well. Seems super-reliable. [Greek Reporter]

WE REALLY LOVE POP-UPS, FOR REAL. (And here.) [Crain's / Freep]

Ottava Via might not suck after all. [Thrillist]

St. Cece's has a rad new patio. [St. Cece's FB]

And Rodin has a pretty cool happy hour. [Rodin FB]

FoodJunky: for all your no-pants-wearing delivery needs. [Model D]

Metro Detroiters reserve the enthusiasm that the opening of a new Wal-Mart anywhere in the South is typically met with for places like IKEA, Whole Foods and the Cheesecake Factory. I suppose that puts us somewhere ahead. But really I'm not sure. (Also here. And just take a looky-loo at the opening day line here.) [My Fox News / Crain's / EID]

Bees: we need them. You can raise them. [Model D]

Another plus one for Lafayette (while American got snubbed). [Daily Meal]

Vice took meta hipster bullshit to whole new levels. [Vice]

But despite all the snarkery, Whole Foods in Midtown is doing pretty damn well. [MLive]

Plus Coolist says we're a city on the rise and picked seven businesses to highlight that, so there's that. [The Coolist]

Another Detroit bartender wins the best something at a national competition for something. [Hell Yeah Detroit]

The Whitney is donating 9 percent of its a la carte proceeds back to retired DPD policemen and firefighters for the month of August. Which, if they're lucky, 9 percent of their pensions is what they'll be left with once this bankruptcy is over. [Detroit 2020]

Vegan news: The Lunch Room in Kerrytown is now open. []

Moo Cluck Moo is playing the David v. Goliath hand well. [Daily Meal]

News from Grosse Pointe: the City Kitchen expansion is almost complete and Marais is getting close to opening. [Metromode]

Souptastik: where the Soup Nazi might eat if the Soup Nazi were Russian. [Detroit News]

YAY northern Michigan! [Tampa Bay]

Just when you thought Taco Bell had nowhere else they could go, they went to the waffacle. [Death + Taxes]

Some people find the presence of children more offensive than the presence of dogs in restaurants. [Death + Taxes]

~Is the craft beer bubble about to burst? Or have brewers just run out of things to talk about despite the constant demand for more stories about the uber-hot industry? [MLive]

~Badass Beer is back. [Detroit News]

~Atwater has that Deeeeeee-troit pride. [BuzzFeed]

~More on the new Upper Hand Brewery from Bell's. And how you can't have any. [ABC 10]

~And Wal-Mart is trying once again to control everything. [Business Week]

~Oh hey, people grow hops in Michigan now, it's sort of a thing. [Bloomberg]