Monday, August 26, 2013

The Week We Ate (The EID Week in Review)

~Here is a look inside the new Rock City Eatery space in Hamtramck, which is full of vintage items, century-old repurposed materials, hand-made furniture made by a local craftsman from reclaimed materials, and original artwork from Detroit's golden age of punk and Detroit's foremost punkstress. It's looking pretty sweet. [EID]
~Corktown is now PATIOTOWN and Pizzeria Biga is redeemed. [EID]
~Melt gelato, coffee and sweet shop will open in Midtown in the next few weeks. [Model D]
~There is a quantifiable shit-ton of new permanent and temporary retail (POP-UPS!!!!!!!), restaurant, bar, cafe, and other businesses opening on the Avenue of Fashion next month. [Model D]
~Corktown has another (yes, another) breakfast, brunch and lunch spot opening this fall: La Villa, next to Mudgie's on Brooklyn, will specialize in the sweeter side of things. [Model D]
~The new Hamtramck Food Week (coming this fall) is currently running a crowd-funding campaign through Patronicity. [EID]
~Happy's Pizza figured out the winning combination that is beer and pizza with the new Happy's Pizza and Pub in West Bloomfield. [EID]
~The Bloomfields are going all Rick Bayless. [EID]
~I learned a lot about pizza places in Detroit while "researching" my part in this. Everything from halal pizzerias to neighborhood joints that have been around for 50 years...there's a lot more than Supino and Buddy's out there. (But, you know, there's also Supino and Buddy's.) [Model D]

Oh and hey, speaking of patios, Cafe Muse also got a new one (and spruced up the original dining room a bit, from what I could tell), and it's pretty spiffy. [CM FB]

These guys have been working on this *forever.* (At least that's what it has felt like to me, and I'm sure it has to them.) So. Pulse is not in fact reopening in a new location in Greektown as previously suggested: instead, it is now Firebird Tavern, and it is a pretty spectacular space. [Detroit News]

Flavor Flav's will rise again. Like a glorious phoenix from the ashes. Or a cockroach. [FF FB]

Corridor Sausage is now serving in Ford Field. [Corridor FB]

P-p-p-POP-UPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *pantpantpant* [Hour]

Including Rap and Noodles. [Green Dot FB]

AND Detroit Harmonie's "Dinner in the Field" this Thursday at Capuchin Soup Kitchen - Earthworks Urban Farm, a "pop-up" dinner celebrating Detroit's urban agriculture movement. Tickets are only $15, get them before they sell out. [Detroit Harmonie]

Summer isn't over yet! Check out this new specialty limited Midnight Train to Traverse ice cream flavor made in collaboration between Guernsey Farms Dairy and The Root Restaurant and Bar! [Guernsey FB]

Speaking of Guernsey, they have the best chocolate milk EVAR. Seriously though. [Guernsey FB]

Coach Insignia and River Crab Blue Water Inn are among the country's most scenic restaurants, according to OpenTable users. [Detroit News]

The Oakland turned two. [Freep]

Luxe Bar and Grill has officially opened their second location in Grosse Pointe Farms in the old Lucy's spot. [Metromode]

CAYA Smokehouse in Wolverine Lake is now open. [CAYA FB]

This person's computer privileges should be taken away for producing such pat drivel. [Fodor's]

~The biggest news to happen in beer this week: Kuhnhenn Brewing Company is working on a SERIOUS expansion and I got a pre-preview of the new space in Clinton Twp. [EID]

~The second-biggest news in beer this week (IMO): The Bruery beers are now in bars and on shelves in Michigan. This SoCal brewery makes some of the best sour beers in the country (IMO), second only to Russian River Brewing Company (IMO), which has already maxed out its capacity with no plans to expand, and Jolly Pumpkin Brewery, which duh. To celebrate, One-Eyed Betty's is having a beer dinner this Tuesday featuring all Bruery beers. [OEB FB]

~Detroit Beer Week has announced the 2013 dates. Mark your calendars for October 17-27 - we're going for 11 days this year! [EID/DBW FB]

~Tickets to the Michigan Brewers Guild Fall Beer Festival in Eastern Market October 25-26 (the culmination of Detroit Beer Week) have sold out for Saturday's session but are still available for Friday. [MBG]

~Why yes it is THE Screamin' Pumpkin. [Griffin Claw FB]

~Here is an update on changes to Michigan's beer distribution laws currently in discussion. (The update is brewers and distributors have reached more consensus, but not totally.) [MLive]

~A lengthy but interesting read for those passionate about the craft beer industry (WSG Beer Todd). [Maureen Ogle]

~Apparently Prince has a sense of humor. That's what we're going with, anyway. [D+T]

~MSG is so misunderstood. [FWF]