Monday, August 5, 2013

The Week We Ate (The EID Week in Review)

All roads lead to Fight Club.

Mark Wahlberg thinks Detroit is swell and likes that one BBQ place. [Freep]

You know, the one Adam Richman called one of the best restaurants IN ALL OF AMERICA. [Kitchen Daily]

So obviously it was time for me to update this. [EID]

Wait, WHAT, Supino again? Damnit. Time for another update. (I should probably add Buddy's on there too.) [Thrillist]

I'm still waiting on my phone call to become Tyler Florence's sidekick. I almost wrote "Tyler Durden" there; how cool would THAT be? [Castles and Cooks]

~The Somerset CityLoft and The Detroit Shoppe pop-ups are open again on Woodward in downtown Detroit through August 24. Check them out on Thursdays during lunch for coney dogs, Better Made Snack Foods chips, and Faygo Beverages Inc. soda for $5 - every dollar benefits Summer in the City Detroit and Boll Family YMCA. [Model D]
~Pretty much slayed Mead Day coverage here. The way one would slay a dragon. Because, mead.  Also: news B. Nektar Brewery, the new Kuhnhenn production facility, and the Dragonmead expansion. BAM. [EID]

Guns + Butter is back for August, probably with less Bourdain but at least with more dates. None of which will I be in town for. C'est la vie. [G+B]

Rock City Eatery is getting ever-so-close to opening, and I will tell you this: the menu is going to blow your mind. I say that as someone who was already sold on it and has been actively pushing it to other people, as well as someone whose mind is not easily blown. For reals. [EID FB/eatsdrinksandleaves Instagram]

An update on all those West Village developments that got so much buzz when they were announced awhile back: none of them are open yet but all of them still plan on opening. The end. [Mode Shift]

After a flood from the torrential monsoon-like rains Detroit experienced for most of July forced them to shut down for a couple of weeks and do a bit of remodeling, The Bottom Line Coffee House has re-opened and have revamped their baked goods selection to provide all handmade, locally-sourced treats, plus an all-new breakfast menu with bagels, breakfast sandwiches and freshly made fruit and yogurt parfaits. [Bottom Line]

One of the best Thai places in metro Detroit (it's still glorified mall food but calling it "one of the best" in the area is simply relative to what else is out there) has opened a fast and casual concept for Midtown workers inside the Auburn Building. Go! Sy Thai is now open offering quick carry-out and dine-in service. This is their fourth location; they recently opened another Sy Thai in Troy and also operate Sy Thai Shores in St. Clair Shores. [Go! Sy Thai]

Thrillist checked out the new Jefferson House at the Crowne Plaza Detroit Downtown-Convention Center and found the food, the drinks, and the ambitious young chef impressive. ‪#‎nikkisboys‬ [Thrillist]

The Dakota Inn Rathskeller is now 80 years young. [Pure Detroit]

Just to taunt us, here are construction photos of Detroit Institute of Bagels. [DRNH FB]

It's Farouk! He's as much an icon as The Rattlesnake where he works. I'm not totally convinced he always knows what's going on around him, but he's definitely always a character. [Hour Detroit]

Chazzano Coffee Roasters is looking for a bigger home in Ferndale (they definitely need one). [Crain's]

Block off August 13 so you can drive to the Disney Land of suburbia (Novi) and stuff your face at the new Cheesecake Factory. [Novi Patch]

The Stand is shaping up in Birmingham, and so far it looks like they gutted all the atrocious neon leftover from Zazio's. So that's promising. [Crain's]

This is such a great little spot in Keego Harbor. Which you would never even know about unless you had reason to be in Keego Harbor. Which you wouldn't have unless you were driving between West Bloomfield and Waterford, or actually live in Keego Harbor. Even so, Jeremy Restaurant and Bar is celebrating 10 years with a new menu with lower prices and more veggie options and whatever the hell us was in that press release. [Freep]

Meet the artisan ice creams of A2/Ypsi: Sweet Dirt, Hello! Ice Cream and Gelato, and Go Ice Cream. []

For the most part my commenters are not the knuckle-dragging mouth-breathers you find on most other sites. Yet sometimes, still sometimes, I get an outstanding example of Obfuscating Troll Logic. I made the egregious error of informing people that the new "Detroit Sandwich Shop" is in Farmington Hills and not Detroit (which the owner himself addressed in the linked story), and this is what happened. [Metromode / EID FB]

~Serious Eats: Drinks played the "Ask a Cicerone" game once again, this time to inquire - what is the perfect summer beer? To which one responded, Berliner Weisse. You know where you can get a killer Berliner Weisse? (And to my knowledge, the only one being made locally.) Griffin Claw Brewing Company. Go there, you must. Also a dandy shout-out to Jolly Pumpkin Brewery! [Serious Eats: Drinks]

~Yes, I heart Griffin Claw. [Thrillist]

~Tickets to the Michigan Brewers Guild Fall Beer Festival in Eastern Market Corporation are on sale RIGHT NOW! [MBG Official]

~The Michigan Brewers Guild Fall Beer Festival isn't the only beer fest happening in these parts this October. WindsorEats is hosting the first-ever Windsor Craft Beer Festival across from the recently-opened Walkerville Brewery Oct. 18-19, bringing in food and craft beers from all over Ontario. Tickets are only $25 per day; this could be a nice little primer for Beer Fest and a good way to find out what our neighbors to the south have brewing. [Windsor Eats]

~Ashley's Westland has opened their outdoor beer garden. But in Westland. So. Beer. [Detroit News]

~'tis true: the pumpkin beers have officially hit the distribution networks (Southern Tier Brewing Company has also released Pumking already so look for that one soon too, in addition to what's listed here.) It's kind of like women's retail when you can buy sweaters in the dead of summer but you can't find shorts or swimsuits. [MLive]

~Except for Rogue Ales. And they use REAL pumpkin. Grown on their own farm. And won't release their pumpkin ale until October, after they can harvest their estate-grown pumpkins and use them in their beer. Rogue, I forgive you for your Voodoo bacon maple doughnut abomination, just don't ever do it again. [Beer Pulse]

~All of this is true, including the part about me at the end. ‪#‎misbf13‬ [Mitten Brew]

~Hey, check it out, the number of craft breweries in the country has finally topped what it was back in ***1890***! o_0 [Beer Pulse]