Thursday, October 15, 2009

Detroit Beer Week Starts Tomorrow

There's a first for everything, and 2009 seems to be FULL of them. Detroit Restaurant Week was...damn those were good times! Guys, can we do it again? Soon? Please?

Well, now the beer drinkers have something all their own to look forward to. Introducing the first-ever Detroit Beer Week.

Once again, places like New York and San Francisco have the lock on this already, drawing in huge crowds from all over the country who stay in these cities for the full week to attend all the various beer events. With the craft beer and home brewing industries booming right now, it seems like there is no better time like the present to celebrate the beer being produced in one of the most well-regarded craft beer states.

Yes, Michigan (the feelings for-e-e-ver...). We rank as the sixth-largest state for craft brews, with craft beer sales having grown 31.5% over the past three years. Our craft beer industry also has a total economic impact of more than $133 million annually, and we clean HOUSE at the World Beer Cup held every other year and the annual Great American Beer Festival, with a large number of our 72 (yep--that's 72) breweries being decorated with those coveted medals. Stick that in your mug and chug it!

Yes indeed, there's no time like the present to celebrate beer. Starting tomorrow, October 16 and continuing through Saturday, October 24 is the inaugural Detroit Beer Week.

Participating venues include:
*Foran's Grand Trunk Pub
*Slow's Bar-BQ
*Park Bar
*Michael Symon's Roast
*Wolfgang Puck
*Atwater Brewery
*Motor City Brewing Works
*Detroit Beer Co
*Traffic Jam
*Fender's @ Omni Hotel

Some are breweries, some just serve great beer, and all celebrate the spirit of Michigan's brewers. There are coordinating events happening all around the metro Detroit area which include beer tastings and beer dinners, a film screening, Halloween parties, Oktoberfest celebrations, and even a lesson in beer etiquette. Don't miss the launch party tomorrow night with all the participating locations, and click here for more corresponding event details.

Also, don't forget: the inaugural Harvest Beer Festival is happening on Saturday, October 24 in Eastern Market, presented by the Michigan Brewers' Guild and the Metro Times. Over 40 local breweries are participating (including Kuhnhenn, Dragonmead, Sherwood Brewing Company, and Liberty St. Brewing Company...i.e., the places I've spent the last week of my life) and tickets are expected to sell out. $35 in advance/$40 at the door, but I recommend you don't wait that long.

One thing I've discovered in talking to brewers recently is that the world of craft beer is tight-knit, closer than even family. The shared passion they have for making the best possible brews comes through in their products...which in turn comes through in their awards and national notoriety. It's time to raise a glass and say Prost! to Michigan beers, because they are something we should truly be proud of.