Saturday, January 24, 2009

Four Days of Leftovers from Lefty's Lounge

It was a little after 1:00AM yesterday this morning when I decided I needed pizza. Bad. I had heard about Lefty's Lounge, a sports bar located on Cass in the University District, and that they had some incredible deals on food--good food. Tales of a $6.00 pizza big enough for three people to eat and still have leftovers whispered through my head, and thus my mission to find this cheap, mutant pizza began.

$5.95, to be exact. Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday after 5:00PM, Lefty's Lounge offers a giant single-item pizza for only $5.95. Only $0.95 more than a Hot 'N Ready from Little Caesars and about 1,000x more tasty. For $5.50 all day Friday-Sunday you can also get a burger and domestic beer, $0.50 wings, and $2.00 domestic drafts. Every day of the week they've got awesome food and drink specials, and they offer free Wi-Fi in addition to their 14 big-screen TVs (if you're into that whole "sports" thing). They've got a full menu of classic bar food including daily soups and salads, and all of it is cheap and pretty damn good.

I don't often have need for a sports bar but I do often have need for cheap, tasty pizza; Lefty's Lounge is my new favorite spot for this and other greasy-good bar food. So how was the pizza, you ask? I burned my mouth eating it because I gorged myself on it so hastily. And I have enough leftover for lunch and dinner today and lunch tomorrow. Crust--chewy. Cheese--gooey. Pepperoni--crispy. Sauce--spicy. Overall--good.

Plus, the deep-fryer and pizza oven is open 'til close--perfect for the after-bar munchies. Because some days are foie gras days, and some days aren't.