Friday, January 16, 2009

Majestic Cafe Offers Recession-Buster Sundays

I remember a conversation I had with "Papa" Joe Zainea a while back...this was summer of 2007, when the economy was certainly shaky but not nearly on the level it is today. He told me that the secret to the Majestic Theatre Complex staying in business over 60 years has been their ability to adapt to changing times.

As it is, the 5-part (6, if you count the new Alley Deck attached to the upstairs Magic Stick) business caters to a multitude of tastes--bistro-style dining in the Cafe-cum-art-gallery, bowling in the historic Garden Bowl, indie rock upstairs, arty rock in the Theatre, pizza by the slice at the Sgt. Pepperoni's counter, and 5 different bars to whet your whistle at--making it Detroit's one and only entertainment complex and one of the biggest promoters of Detroit artists, musicians, and non-profit events (their logo appears as a sponsor for just about every non-profit happening in the city).

But times are once again changing, and the Majestic Cafe is changing with them. They now offer recession-buster Sundays, when diners can buy one entree and receive a second entree of equal or lesser value for free (with coupon). Additionally, the Cafe will now be closed Mondays and Tuesdays through the winter, but on Wednesdays diners can enjoy "Americana night" which features comfort foods like chicken pot pie and meatloaf for only $9.95, and Thursdays bring a complete lobster dinner with sides for less than you'd expect.

You gotta hand it to Papa Joe--after 60 years in business, he knows how to ride out a recession and keep his business ahead of the curve. The coupon is available for download on the Majestic's website, or you can just print this one here: