Friday, January 2, 2009

Opus One Now Serving Brunch

As of November (hey, I just launched this blog, cut me some slack), Detroit's fine-dining institution Opus One is now serving Sunday brunch. As in, the best meal ever.

On Sundays from 12:00-3:00, Opus One is serving a prix fixe menu that includes your choice of mimosas, Bloody Marys, or Orange Mojitos (limit two, but...booze is included in the price! why would you just opt for coffee, which granted is another beverage option along with juice and soft drinks but WHY, why would you do that?) and your choice of either breakfast appetizer and entree or entree and dessert for only $22.00. For those of you who are familiar with all that which is Brunch, you know that ordering a la carte at the boutiquey brunch places will typically run up a $20.00 tab before you tack on the alcohol, and BOOZE IS INCLUDED IN THE PRICE!!!! This is a bargain brunch at a high-end (albeit a bit antiquated) Detroit dining staple. Yes, please.

Oh, if you can't decide between appetizer/entree and entree/dessert, go crazy and get all three; it will still only cost you $28.00, which is still less than a recent 2-course, 2-drink brunch I had at Birmingham's Toast. Remember, BOOZE IS INCLUDED!!!!

Food selections include traditional build-your-own omelets, decadent Raspeberry Stuffed French Toast with a touch of Chambord and vanilla crème anglaise sauce, spiced beignets ("ben-yay," a kind of heavy French doughnut-like pastry popular in New Orleans) served with oven dried oranges and cherries and maple syrup crème anglaise, two different kinds of savory crepes, and lunch options which include Opus One specialties such as Shrimp Helene. Desserts include a Hot Fudge Cookie Sundae made with Sanders hot fudge and a Chambord Crème Brûlée. All for $22.00-$28.00, BOOZE INCLUDED.

This Sunday, skip church and toast the good Lord who created brunch at Opus One. Or choose instead to drink nondenominationally. We don't judge here.