Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Spa 1924 Grille Now Open, Possibly Maybe

Well, that took longer than expected and brought less buzz than even I would have anticipated. But the Spa 1924 Grille is now open for business; theoretically it should be open for both lunch and dinner when I hit the "publish post" button, but since there has been no follow-up in the online newspapers or the blogs that I can easily find after about 37 seconds of Internet searching, I conclude it inconclusive.

I wish I could get more behind this venture. I'm just...not. I'd like to be--I'm all about the increase of local fine-dining establishments. It's just that something about this place screams "gimmick," to the point that I've lost all interest in it otherwise. Perhaps I need to just check it out; I mean, "Truffled White Cheddar Mac and Cheese" and "Sweet Potato Brulee" sound incredible, and I'm sure executive chef Jason Gardner is producing amazing dishes. But...yeah, I just can't seem to get hyped about this one. Maybe this also has to do with the glut of new restaurants opening lately? Finn & Porter, Detroit Fish Market, Taste Pizzabar, Roast, Angelina Italian Bistro, Mercury Coffee Bar...it's a little hard to keep up during these times of economic no-money-having.

Coming in Feburary, the various extensions of Spa 1924 Grille, including the Spa19, the Champagne Bar (featuring more than 30 Moet Hennessy products by the glass or bottle), and the private dining room called the "Plate Room" featuring a display wall of original Book Cadillac china.