Wednesday, March 20, 2013

[Real Detroit Weekly] Marche du Nain Rouge

Photo from Facebook.

It has been called Detroit's answer to Mardi Gras. This is wrong. The Marche du Nain Rogue is not Detroit's answer to Mardi Gras. It is not Detroit's answer to anything. This is Detroit: we answer to no one.

Well, no one except for the Nain Rouge.

The Nain Rouge is Detroit's little red devil, a crimson-colored dwarf said to be a harbinger of doom that has tormented the city for over three centuries starting with one of its founders. He is rumored to have been seen at the site of each of Detroit's most catastrophic events throughout history. In an effort to rid themselves of his curse, the Detroiters of yore would "banish" him in a ceremonial march held before the spring solstice, ridding the city of his malevolent influence until the following winter.

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