Monday, March 4, 2013

The Week We Ate (The EID Week in Review)

Well. This was quite the PR lesson, for everyone involved. So I said,

"Hi. I write for and manage a lot of publications, the bulk of which aren't even food-related. The never-ending headache that is my life is PR people and business owners who will not return phone calls for a 15-minute chat that results in FREE PUBLICITY. It is my wish that every aspiring business owner be forced to take a class called 'How to Deal With Media' before opening a business. Here Nate Skid illuminates just how frustrating it can be dealing with those who seem disinclined to work with the press for their own benefit."
But some of you guys thought it was unprofessional to air this grievance on Crain's, and a smaller contingent seemed to not really "get" what Crain's is so I made fun of and then ignored them, but mostly everyone saw the larger point of this being a huge PR gaffe on the part of a large corporate national chain that hires a PR company specifically to handle just such things. In the end we opened an important dialogue about PR practices and collectively came to a greater understanding, like Karen Dumas every time she publicly flings shit at a white business owner in the city then translates it into more press for Karen Dumas by hugging it out with her target afterwards, only without the self-serving race-baiting. [Crain's]

Anthony Bourdain said in a comment thread on Reddit that he's going to film a whole episode of No Reservations 2 in Detroit. And that is all. [Deadline]

So! A lot of discussion about Sangria last week. To sum up: it closed, some douchey new spot is opening in its place, the owners of Sangria are now behind Bella Piatti, and some other garbled information. [Crain's / Thrillist / Daily Tribune]

The Root Restaurant + Bar is gearing up for some major national press; can't say what but for now, please enjoy this photo teaser. [David Lewinski Photography]

So here's some more info on what Chef Paul Grosz of Cuisine and his new partners plan to do with the old Zazio's space in Birmingham. The concept will tentatively be called "Stand" and is just the first of several planned for metro Detroit. Charcuterie, craft coctkails, his signature beef short ribs from Cuisine, a foie gras burger and a chef's counter are all in the plans for this concept, which Paul hopes to have open in time for the Dream Cruise. [Freep]

The owner of Sinbad's in Detroit is opening a new place called Crush in Birmingham (incidentally, not the first place called Crush to open in the area ... the other was a great little wine bar that opened in Southfield in 2007-ish and lasted only about a year). It will have two rooftop terraces and could open as soon as this summer. [Detroit News]

Brunch is now being served at Rodin. [Peacock Room FB]

Don't make any other plans for June 5 at 9 a.m. [Whole Foods FB]

Detroit is getting more convenience stores. OH THANK HEAVEN! [Crain's]

Here is a guide to Lenten Friday fish frys in Detroit from Pure Detroit. [Pure Detroit]

So I said, "The latest Top Chef winner is a Michigan girl! (By way of Korea.)" And you said, "WAAAAAAAAH, you ruined the surprise!!!" (As many as four days later.) I'm sorry, I didn't realize relevant news had to wait until you got caught up with your DVR. MY BAD. PS, in the finale of Lost that aired two and a half years ago we found out that they're all dead. #spoilers [MLive]

Here is even more about the Two James Spirits distillery. (To sum up: they have a still now.) Two James and Batch Brewing Company are apparently duking it out for most pre-opening press in Corktown for 2013 ... ah, but what will happen when Gold Cash Gold gets back in the game??? Will they come in with a Hail Mary media blitz? The year is still young! STAY TUNED. [MLive]

First We Feast names McClure's Pickles one of their 50 Best Independent American Food Brands. [FWF]

In case you missed this screed: I'm sorry but this just sounds terrible. And this is judging solely by the infantile copy that sounds like it was written by a PR lackey. "...your taste buds will be delighted." "...culinary arts of Royal Oak" (LOL). "Networking, and fun are just added bonuses of visiting four restaurants sampling delectable food and hob nobbing with chefs, managers and restaurant owners." First, using words like "delicious," "delectable" and "taste buds will be delighted" are all things I would ban forever if I controlled all food media, as well as the writer who uses them. Also, this "event" and "company" has "ambassadors." Also, this sounds terrible. Also, it's in Royal Oak. [EID FB]

Farm-to-glass delivery from Cherries and Grapes bring the best from Up North right to your doorstep. [Metromode]

Muskrat in Monroe, a regional specialty! [Detroit News]

Tawnya Clark is the owner and operator of The Batata Shop, a regular pop-up you can catch at various venues all over Detroit with a story as engaging as her waffles are enticing. [UIX]

Ok, just to get all you Beeries caught up: Left Hand Brewing Company hit shelves this week and Oskar Blues Brewery will join them next week (in a trend of out-of-state craft breweries entering the Michigan market kick-started by New Belgium Brewing a few months ago). In Michigan beers, Greenbush Brewing Co. and Right Brain Brewery are now bottling and distributing, Odd Side Ales will be VERY soon, and Rochester Mills Beer Co. is on its way to being distributed all over the state. I think that covers everything. Except: All of this varies by county because Michigan has the absolute WORST distribution laws. So don't get too excited because while your favorite Wayne County store might have been carrying Left Hand for years now, it will still be awhile before you can get Right Brain there, but you can hop over to Washtenaw and get Right Brain right now no problem. [EID FB]

~First We First talks the latest in cocktail trends. [FWF]

~The Twinkie will live on to survive nuclear holocaust once more. [CNBC]

~This is the best headline Deadspin -- nay, anyone, EVER -- has ever written. [Deadspin]