Wednesday, March 6, 2013

[Real Detroit Weekly] O'Connor's Public House

Photo by Nicole Rupersburg.

When Whitney Houston said "Crack is whack," she wasn't talking about the craic ("crack") at O'Connor's. (P.S., "craic" is Celtic for super-fun party times.) O'Connor's is where the craic is! 

O'Connor's Public House in Rochester is the kind of place you wish all Irish pubs would be: warm, inviting, comfortable, friendly, full of outstanding food and beer: in other words, bloody brilliant. 

There's a reason O'Connor's feels so much like an authentic Irish pub, even if you've never been to Ireland to make the comparison. Everything in the bar was built or salvaged in the U.K. then shipped over; the pub itself is a faithful recreation of an actual Irish pub. When people talk about whether or not a place is "authentic," just know that this place is the real deal.

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