Monday, March 18, 2013

The Week We Ate (The EID Week in Review)

Hey girl(s). Ryan Gosling is apparently not Irish-minded and also likes bad coffee. [MLive]

Neil Patrick Harris says Polish Village Cafe is legen...wait for it... [@ActuallyNPH Twitter]

Whatever thread I recently dubbed "the greatest comment thread in EID's history"? Has been forever replaced by this: Welcome to the Bob and Timmy Show. This is the thread that deserves its own Facebook fan page.
It started with this: "Looks like I can't go drinking in Ferndale for the next 3 months. (What? Don't act like you don't get down on some drunken Taco Bell.)" [Ferndale 115 / EID FB]
Will the Great American Stuffed Burger Co. be the next big thing for Garden Fresh Salsa? It would certainly seem so. Read on about this $100-million+ company's planned for its newest product launch. [Crain's]

Detroit Restaurant Week returns April 19-28 and has a snazzy new look to go with it! Produced by Paxahau and presented by Shinola, this is the fourth spring edition of the popular 10-day dining event. Three new establishments have joined the spring Detroit Restaurant Week event this year, including Greektown Casino Hotel’s flagship Brizola, the freshly-updated formerly Mosaic space Santorini Estiatorio Detroit in Greektown, and the Wolfgang Puck Pizzeria + Cucina at the MGM Grand Detroit.  [DRW / EID FB]

Things just keep getting bigger and better for the boys behind Pizzeria Biga: not only is a third location set to open in A2 while they continue looking at additional sites, but they've also got a vineyard and microdistillery in the works. [Crain's]

Thrillist got a first look at the newly-opened Red Crown in Grosse Pointe Park. [Thrillist]

Bill's Beer Garden in A2 has reopened for the season and Treat Dreams also reopened with a grand unveiling of their newly-expanded space. [BBG FB / TD FB]

"Unexpected" isn't really the right word, as this has been pretty openly discussed for awhile now and it sounded like the old owners wanted out anyway, but it's officially official: Janet's Lunch has closed. The Cotton family, who are pushing the development of Grosse Pointe Park, own the building and plan on keeping it a "greasy spoon" diner. [GP Patch]

Eastern Market sets the standard of a model regional food system. [QC Times]

We love the food at St. Cece's. We also love when they bring in other people's food. Check out their Tuesday night pop-up series, featuring a different pop-up concept every week. [Detroit News]

The Detroit-based Three Olives of soda, Faygo Beverages Inc., now has "ginger soda" called Faygo Gold, which is, of course, a Vernors knock-off. [MLive]

Dominick's is now open for the season! (It's an Ann Arbor thing.) []

Was ist dis "biz-niss plan?" Turns out you need one. ("ZOMGZ KICKSTARTERYOUGUYS!" doesn't count.) Here are some resources for that. [Good]

~Here's a nice story from on Kuhnhenn Brewing Co. and their plans to expand (enabling them to significantly increase distribution), which are moving along quite nicely (and that be an insider insight). []

~No list of the strangest beers in the world would be complete without Shorts Brewing Company. [Bon Appetit] praises the farmhouse ales at Brewery Vivant. []

~The secret to Buffalo Wild Wings' success? Beer. [HuffPo]