Monday, March 25, 2013

The Week We Ate (The EID Week in Review)

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NAAAAAAAAAIN! (Also photo-spotting friends of EID!) Also, sheNAINigans. [MLive / Pure Detroit]

Happy Snowberon Day! (br)Oberon was released today. The groundhog may have been wrong but Oberon never is -- spring is on the way, really! And even though there was snow on the ground this morning, the sun is shining inside every metro Detroit beer store today! Now please enjoy my analysis of Oberon as the Gateway Beer. [EID]

Chef Kate Williams of Rodin took home the $7500 judge's prize while Andy Hollyday of Roast took home the $2500 People's Choice award at Detroit Harmonie's annual International Experience Top Chef: Coney Dogs contest for their inventive international takes on the classic Detroit coney. [EID FB]

This thread? Still going. If you'd like to meet the brain trust behind it, be sure to follow Detroit BBQ Co on Facebook and say hi to them at an upcoming event. [EID FB]

Ladies and gentlemen, I am the official R-Go blog of Detroit. Because I said so. Here is Mr. Gosling hugging on his biff Larry Mongo and some redhead (kiiiiilllherrrrrr). OMG, J/K!!! [D'Mongo's FB]

OMG, he also offered Larry a role in his film How to Catch a Monster! (Kiiiiiiillhiiiiiiiim.) [MLive]

Dostoyevsky and drinking. I support this. Ferndale Public Library will now be able to serve alcohol at special events. [C+G News]

There's been plenty of discussion of urban farming in Detroit (and plenty of cynicism to go with it), but until now the future of the urban farming has been dubious at best because of (not always enforced) legal restraints. With an EFM now in place this may or may not be City Council's swan song, but at least they got this one right. [WDET]

Sylvia Rector takes a look at the new chef and new menu at the Rugby Grille; Gastronomy's Brandon Zarb will compete for the Chaine des Rotisseurs' national Best Young Chef title in Chicago on June 8, and that Food Network show that's casting in Michigan with the prize of getting a year rent-free in a space in a Michigan mall? Yeah, it's called Food Court Wars and the mall is in Midland. Try to contain yourselves. [Freep]

Just call it Meaddale: here is an in-depth story on Schramm's Mead from The Ferndale 115, and why it's a pretty big deal that it's opening (and in Ferndale, the apparent mead capital of the Midwest, or at least southeastern Michigan). [Ferndale 115]

Let's never drive again. Uber is now in Detroit. [Thrillist]

Grace of India is now open. [HuffPo]

Beer. [Ashley's Westland Cask Ale Festival ... tickets on sale now!]

Sports. [Forbes]

Beer and sports. [DRAFT Mag]

Home-brewed beer (homebrewers get your apps in now!). [Rochester Patch]

Detroit's first ever (official) Nerd Nite is this Thursday at IFAD. Though really every night is nerd night in these parts, in case you hadn't noticed from the oddball fashion sense that dominates the social circuits and the plethora of Mac books lit up in every bar. [Detroit News]

Another Detroit-area restaurant mogul has passed away; Jim Hearn, your product may be "bad" but it tastes oh so good. So long and thank you for the flavored crusts. [Freep]

Sorry to miss this last weekend of the Rust Belt as it was, but I only had eyes for a little red devil this weekend. [Ferndale 115]

Detroit's hard-hitting experts on fuckery Wilson give their top picks for the best party bars in Michigan. [Noise Creep]

The Whitney has added weekday breakfast to their menu. [Detroit News]

Tokyo Sushi is now open in the former Pete's Place spot in Ferndale. [Ferndale Patch]

A history of Zingerman's at 31 years young (though we all know we stop counting after 30). [Michigan Daily]

#7: Buy tickets to a beer release and/or wait in line for several hours for a beer release and/or participate in a lottery ticketing system for a beer release and/or buy a bottle of a limited beer release on eBay for $100 or more. Wait, no; that in fact sucks. Can we please stop the beer geek train from chugging full-bore to Douchetown? (Oh hey, shout-out to Right Brain!) [Food Republic]

Traverse City is another best-something. [Fodor's]