Sunday, May 15, 2011

Real Detroit Weekly: The Avenue Sports Grille

"Watching the playoff games on your own 42'' HD flatscreen TV at home is one thing. Watching the playoff games on one of 14 HD plasma screens AND 4 giant HD projector screens is quite another. At the Avenue Sports Grille in Wayne, every seat in the house is center ice.

'As a sports bar, they don't mess around. Nearly every square inch of wall space is covered in screen. It is a sports bar. You come here to watch sports. It's that simple.

'But sports fans also like to eat, and they've got you covered there too. The concept of the Avenue is to be a 'gourmet' sports grille, with everything on the menu made from scratch and actual chefs working in the kitchen. They've been open for one year now and they are already known for having one of the best burgers in town – and not just their town. WDFN 'the Fan' rated the Ave's top-secret burger blend of mixed meats as the best burger in Detroit, beating out ALL the competition (including heavyweights like Red Coat Tavern). They consider themselves pioneers of the "mixed meat" burger blend, which may sound like some mutant Frankensteinian turducken-spam, but worry not my fellow meat-lovers: this burger is all beef, made from a blend of various higher-end cuts not normally used in burger meats..."

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