Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Real Detroit Weekly: Buddy's Pizzeria

"You know that delicious, mouth-watering, heavenly, orgasmic style of square deep dish pizza with the thick, oil-soaked crust baked to crispy, crunchy perfection, where the cheese is slightly browned and all bubbly and the crusty edge crunches in your mouth with just the slightest bit of chewy elasticity keeping it all together as the cheese stretches and you have to grab it between both fingers and drop it in your mouth in a wholly undignified display of gluttony as some of the spicy red sauce gobs down your chin?

'OMG, can I get some napkins over here?


'That right there's a Detroit thing, and Buddy's Pizzeria at the original location on the corner of E. McNichols and Conant started it all. Now celebrating their 65th anniversary, Buddy's is still serving up the consistently-ranked top deep dish pizzas in Detroit, creating the standard by which all other Detroit-style deep dishes are judged – often imitated, never duplicated..."

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