Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Real Detroit Weekly: Tipsy McStaggers

"Simpsons fans will recognize the name of the rival bar that tried to buy the secret ingredient to the "Flaming Moe" for $1,000,000. Tipsy McStaggers is now a reality in Warren, and they've got a cartoonishly oversized burger to match the cartoon-inspired name.

'Open for almost a year now, Tipsy McStaggers is an Irish pub for the A.D.D. generation. They've got all the Michigan lottery games and Keno, seven plasma TVs for all the sporting events and karaoke five nights a week. There are enough flashing lights, spinning wheels and oversized foods to keep the attention of even the most easily distracted adult child.

'During the day, they are a restaurant. All food is homemade. There is no frozen dough, no frozen fries, no frozen anything. The fries are fresh-cut. The chicken wings are huge, fat, meaty wings that look like they came from an actual chicken (instead of the pigeon wings you get at most places). They make their own pizza dough and bread.

'Then there is the Tipsy Tower..."

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