Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Real Detroit Weekly: Northern Lights Lounge

We all love the bathrooms (So big! So clean! So nice!) at Northern Lights Lounge, but this place is more than just a pretty potty. If the Big Lebowski were set in Detroit instead of Los Ang-ga-leez, this is where the Dude and Walter would have hung out and debated whether or not "Chinamen" was the preferred nomenclature ... something about the orange vinyl and white aluminum lounge chairs, the scuffed-up shuffleboard and the old-Vegas-esque multi-colored neon sign out front.

But even if the carpet-pissers hadn't dragged the Dude down the rabbit hole to chase one Bunny Lebowski, this place would still have the slickest L.A.-retro/desert-deco vibe and the most diverse entertainment offerings in the city. It kind of feels like New York in the '80s – there's punk rock night (Mondays), retro goth night (Tuesdays), live jazz night (Wednesdays), hip hop night (Thursdays), house and electronic night (Fridays), live rock bands (Saturdays) and karaoke (Sundays). They also hold burlesque shows, Noir Leather shows, fashion shows and IF there's a cover it's rarely more than $5.

So much for not having a reason to go out on any given night...

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