Friday, May 6, 2011

Real Detroit Weekly: Ye Olde Tap Room

"We have longtime bartenders here, people who keep their jobs for 10 years or more," says Mattie Armstrong, the manager at Ye Olde Tap Room. As he tells RDW this, in walks Jennifer Moody, who has worked here for 15 years. "We're all like family here," she says. "Our customers are our true friends. We've been through weddings together; through funerals together ... we live our lives together."

That's a nice thing to say, but it's quite another to see. After shooting some photos and drooling over the beer menu – 285 labels in all – I was ready to make my way home, my business here being done. Then Mattie offered me a beer. One shot of Jameson; three big, bold, black and beautiful beers (go ahead: make a "I like my beer how I like my men" joke); and a large pepperoni pizza delivered from Mama Rosa's later and I knew that this place was the real deal.

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