Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Real Detroit Weekly: Rojo Mexican Bistro

"Rojo Mexican Bistro is the latest concept from the Vicari family, the well-known restaurateurs behind the Andiamo Group. Their first location for this upscale Mexican cuisine concept was so successful, they opened additional locations in Rochester and St. Clair Shores (another is scheduled to open soon in Partridge Creek Mall).

'What's the draw of Rojo? Unlike other cheesy Tex-Mex and Mexicali joints with cactus paintings and sombreros mounted on the walls, Rojo (which means "red") has a distinctly dramatic flair. Red fabric cascades like waves from the ceiling in the main dining room. Hand-painted murals of Mexican workers in a tequila factory and agave field are from legendary Detroit artist Andrzej Sikora. Dark wood details are used to create angles reminiscent of Mayan temples – "modern Mayan," if you will. The red motif is carried throughout the dining room and upstairs bar, Taco Rosa, with various accents like red-hued wall sconces, glass panels, chandeliers and linens..."

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