Wednesday, January 30, 2013

[Real Detroit] Super Bowls for the Super Bowl

There are two requirements that must be met to make for ideal football-watching foods: they have to be easy to make and they have to be easy to eat. Pizza, burgers and brats are always good go-tos because, (a) easy to make (or order and have delivered), and (b) easy to eat. But doesn't that get a little stale, year after year after year serving the same-old, same-old? Just because you're a football fan doesn't mean you're a savage. This Super Sunday, surprise your guests with gourmet fare that is (a) easy to make, and (b) so easy to eat. Even the bowl itself is edible. Enjoy these super bowls this Super Bowl! | RDW 

Bacon Bowls
Everything is better with bacon; even serving ware! Here's a recipe for a breadless BLT. Hey, it's even gluten-free!

Read on for this and other recipes.