Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Week We Ate (The EID Week in Review)

YOU GUYS. Takashi. Back in Michigan. One night only, at Bacco, cooking the classic hits of Tribute. (Plus he plans on opening a second location of his Chicago casual noodle shop Slurping Turtle in Ann Arbor. It's a far cry from Tribute but I'll take it.) [Freep]

MUDGIE'S NOW SERVES ALCOHOL. Michigan beer and wine, specifically. (Also don't miss their five-year anniversary party on February 9, where everyone is going to be.) [Thrillist]

You've heard of the Battle of Lafayette? Lafayette Coney Island and American Coney Island, that is. Nate Skid has the REAL scoop on the so-called "war" (and how American is, by pretty much any standard, totally dominating it). [Crain's]

Looks like the Oakland is getting their very own single barrel bourbon batch from Buffalo Trace! (They don't do this for just anyone. In fact, that don't do this for many places at all. As your attorney I advise you to go drink the shit out of it once it's ready.) [Oakland FB]

In brunch news, starting tomorrow Maria's of Royal Oak will serve a VERY cheap brunch (also: Maria's of Royal Oak apparently exists), and One-Eyed Betty's has a brand-new brunch menu that includes a pork belly poutine omelet. Really. I will not shut up. YOU shut up. No, I'm totally serious, look at the menu yourself. [Maria's RO FB / OEB FB]

Baconfest Michigan tickets go on sale next Friday! "Boo hoo, it sold out, waaaaaah, you guys are jerks for selling out an event and not sitting on tickets so that last-minute assholes like me can finally get around to deciding to buy some, how dare you" is a line of logic we are not amenable to. (Yes, we really did get emails like this last year.) Get your damn tickets. Also, they might just make great Valentine's Day gifts. [Baconfest Official]

Woodbridge gets Woodbridgier with the Woodbridge Community Garden next to the Woodbridge Pub. [Curbed Detroit]

Food desert? Pure Detroit says pffffffft. Here's a list of grocery and specialty stores where you can buy actual food in the city of Detroit. See, we haven't yet been reduced to eating each other. [Pure D]

Speaking of Pure D, earlier this week was National Pie Day and they celebrated by covering Detroit's own appropriately-named Dangerously Delicious Pies Baked in Detroit. [Pure D]

Dan the Man. And his sentiments about what Michigan craft beer has done for the local food movement as a whole ring familiar. [B4B Connect]

Genji is now open in Little Tokyo. [Det News]

What Crepe? Ann Arbor aims for a Valentine's Day opening. Some of you will plan an elaborate evening of l'amour ... for the rest, no crying over crepes! []

Windsor wants in on the hot steamy Beer Fest action, so now they're holding their own this fall. (Don't worry, the date won't conflict with the Guild's Fall Beer Fest. You can go to BOTH!) [Windsor Eats]

Speaking of the Guild's Beer Fests, GR Beer Week planning is underway for February 18-23, culminating in Winter Beer Fest! [EID / GRBW / EIGR FBs]

A note to food and beverage writers: if you are not a beer writer, do not try to be a beer writer. It's embarrassing to all of us, and it just underscores how out of touch you actually are with this "trend." [Yahoo News / Fox News]

This one's better: Fox News names the top 10 restaurants to get great beer (rightfully) includes Slows. [Fox News]

Right Brain Brewery bottles hit the SE Michigan market over this week and that includes the GABF-winning Mangalista Pig Porter. [RB FB]

Which brings me back to Baconfest Michigan tickets go on sale next Friday! [Baconfest Official]

Eat It GR
Now live! Sort of. I'm currently half-assing a Facebook page and Twitter, while in the meantime focusing all of my west coast efforts on GR Beer Week. But hey, check out the sweet logo! [EIGR FB / Twitter / GRBW FB]

Random miscellany
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