Monday, December 10, 2012

The Week We Ate (The EID Week in Review)

Formerly-relevant person receives standard Corktown service at Mudgie's, whines about it for two days on Facebook, now she and owner Greg Mudge are biffs and she's relevant again, the end. [CBS Local / Mudgie's FB]

The Franklin Wine Shop + Cafe in Royal Oak sounds like a magical place. All "eclectic" wines (no big names or big bucks bottles), one of the "largest" selections of craft beers around, a chef and a cheesemonger on-site, gourmet pizza, historic rehab's got everything! Opens today. [Royal Oak Patch]

No expense was spared on the new Buffalo Wild Wings in Greektown/Greektown-adjacent, which will open on December 21. And I'm going to give all you naysayers a freebie here by pointing out that this date it also the supposed END OF THE WORLD. [Crain's]

Say it ain't so, Jim! Ann Arbor's iconic Krazy Jim's Blimpy Burger (which has appeared on the Food Network and has been named one of the top in the country by several different pubs) will close its long-running location on South Division Street in the summer of 2013 and seek out a new location after selling the building to U-M. So basically the big news is they're moving. []

VIP tickets to Baconfest Michigan 2013, happening June 1 at the Royal Oak Farmers Market, went on sale and have since sold out. General admission tickets go on sale February 1, 2013, and I suggest you make up your mind before they go on sale and not waffle on it once they do. [Prosper / EID FB]

It's hard not to love everything about this man and his brand. Rifino Valentine of Valentine Distilling Co. receives recognition from the county for doing what he do. [Oakland Press]

You've heard of bourbon-barrel-aged beer. Have you heard of beer-barrel-aged bourbon? It's this new thing from New Holland Artisan Spirits. The meaning of life is Dragon's Milk. [Chicago Tribune]

Here's more about the Two James Spirits Distillery coming to Corktown next year. And some trivia for you: this will be the first distillery to open within Detroit city limits since Prohibition. [Curbed Detroit / Deadline]

DBJ doesn't just pull on the heart strings with this one; he bungee jumps with them. Here is the excruciatingly sad yet sweet story of Steve's Place and its octogenarian owners. [Metro Times]

My prediction (which isn't even much of a prediction because a lot of projects have already been announced and are currently in progress): Grosse Pointe is going to BLOW UP in 2013. The expansion of City Kitchen Restaurant + Bar is just the beginning. [Metromode]

Peterlin's Restaurant + Bar sounds cool. Farmington still isn't. [Metromode]

The Mitt in the Clem will host a grand opening shindig this Wednesday, 12/12/12. [Shelby-Utica Patch]

The 17th chain steakhouse within a three-mile radius of downtown Birmingham, Stoney River Steakhouse, has received approval from the city commission (B-ham residents in the meantime say "get off my lawn)"; new Mexican place Mojave Cantina to open in downtown Clawson next year. [Royal Oak Patch]

Here is an enviable round-up of tea rooms throughout metro Detroit. [Detroit News]

With his latest acquisition of 1Webw@rd (or whatever hideous name he'll re-brand it with), Dan Gilbert owns damn near as much property in the city AS the city. And yet, people still go apoplectic over this proposal to plant trees. The saga of Hantzlandia continues... (For the record, I'm not looking for everyone to love Hantz; I'm just hoping for this same critical lens to be applied to ALL of Detroit's opportunistic land-grabbers.) [Freep / Crain's]

The Official Detroit Red Wings may soon get a new arena to not play in. Here is the announcement from Ilitch's Olympia Entertainment that's been rumored for about 12 years on a new multi-purpose events center/arena downtown. (See also: JERBS!) [Freep]

In case you forgot, people are awful. [MLive]