Monday, June 10, 2013

The Week We Ate (The EID Week in Review)

Metal up your ass and in your mouth.

In case you missed it:
~So this grocery store opened. It was kind of a big deal. (It even has its own beer.) [EID]
~So this band played a big show on Belle Isle with a bunch of other bands and 50,000 people. It, too, was kind of a big deal, despite what your typical low-rent Detroit hipster would have you believe with their soul-sucking snark. (Actually that also applies to the point above, too.) Anyway, if you want to keep it all metal all the time, eat these. [Orion / EID]
~This week I went back to the future of food trucks, following up on a series I started two years ago in Metromode and Concentrate. [Metromode]

Another mission of Whole Foods Market Detroit -- nay, THE MOST IMPORTANT GROCERY STORE IN THE WORLD -- is to not just CARRY healthy products, but also teach people about them and how to cook with them. They have quite a bit of (free) programming geared around this too. [Freep]

And here's a short video from Crain's Detroit Business interviewing Whole Foods Market Community Liaison Amanda Musilli. [Crain's]

And more on Whole Foods Market Detroit from the The Wall Street Journal. [WSJ]

And this is what I meant by "demonstrable." [Freep]

Musical dining room chairs continue as Chef Daniel Campbell, formerly of Silver Pig Restaurant Group, steps in to replace Andy Hollyday of Michael Symon's Roast, who will leave to open his own restaurant. Also: ANDY HOLLYDAY IS OPENING HIS OWN RESTAURANT. If you've had your ear to the ground there have been rumors and whispers about this for awhile, and now it is confirmed. Hollyday's new joint will open in Midtown later this year. Stay tuned as there will be lots and lots more to come on this one. [Freep]

Turns out famous people love pizza - first Christina Hendricks professes her love for Supino in Esquire, then some dude from Breaking Bad and Low Winter Sun dines at Pizzeria Biga Royal Oak. STARS ARE JUST LIKE US! [Esquire / Detroit News]

Hard cider and a winery are coming to Blake's Cider Mill in Armada. It's like all my dreams are coming true. [Voice News]

The pop-up has passed, but I have a feeling this Local C team is one to watch. [EID FB]

"So, Amy, what do you do?" "Well, just this week I was honored by the White House as a Champion of Change for my work with Detroit SOUP. What do you do, Nicole?" "I post links to Facebook with snarky captions and have over 1,000 followers on Instagram." Thankfully I managed not to drool all over myself while chatting with Amy Kaherl during Creative Mornings Detroit last Friday. [Freep]

For my next public engagement, check out this Detroit Food Experience tour with The Detroit Bus Company on June 29. We'll hit Traffic Jam and Snug, have a picnic in Clark Park with tacos from the Los Unicos truck, then get a guided tour of the Corridor Sausage Co. production facility in Eastern Market Corporation! [Det Bus Co]

Detroit definitely had grocery stores on the brain this week. Produce in general, really. Farmers markets overall. [Freep / WSU / Freep]

Urban farming in Detroit: people did it before it was cool. [Freep]

Green Dot Stables celebrates one year of selling sliders by playing the ponies and offering up free beer and BBQ with however many hundreds of their closest friends. [Thrillist]

RIP Jerry from American Coney Island. [American Coney Island FB]

Dangerously Delicious Pies Baked in Detroit's Rodney Henry is a finalist on Next Food Network Star! Which I'm not sure if that's new news or old news but woooooooooo! [Food Network]

In honor up MLive's upcoming state-wide best burger challenge, (part of the MLive publication group) posted this slideshow of Washtenaw's wackiest burgers. Also, if you would like to partake of the challenge yourself or recreate it in your free time, here is their full burger-eating schedule for the week. [ / MLive]

Avalon celebrated their sweet 16 this weekend with, naturally, sweets! [Avalon FB]

And the Rattlesnake celebrates 25 years. [Freep]

The next big thing in booze? Local small-batch spirits. It's already well underway. [MLive]

So, what did Michigan drinkers vote as the best cocktail bars in the state on Michigan Radio? These. [Michigan Radio]

Knight's Steakhouse will be coming to downtown Ann Arbor with their quality meats and cocktails. []

Jolly Pumpkin Brewery makes Weekly Pint's list of the 20 best sours of summer for their La Roja Grand Reserve. [Weekly Pint]

You guys, social media! [Crain's]