Wednesday, January 30, 2013

[Real Detroit] Buffalo Wild Wings

Photo by Nicole Rupersburg.

You guys. We just went to the new Buffalo Wild Wings in Greektown. It is the largest Buffalo Wild Wings in the world.


It is everything you have come to expect from your local BW3: beer, wings and sports. Baskets of crispy-fried wings smothered in luscious spicy garlic sauce served piping hot with a 22-ounce glass of Michigan craft on draft, while "the game" plays on overheard flatscreen TVs.

So many games! So many flatscreen TVs!

What sets this BW3 apart from its suburban brethren (sidebar: why "BW3"? Where does the "3" come in? There are only two "w's" in "Buffalo Wild Wings," so why is it called "BW3"?), aside from the fact that it is the largest BW3 IN THE WORLD, is the general sense of being totally over-the-top – it is SO MUCH Buffalo Wild Wings, a Buffalo Wild Wings in the most extreme form, that it is like a Buffalo Wild Wings theme park, a rollercoaster ride of its own inherent BW3-ness. So strap in.

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