Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Week We Ate (The EID Week in Review)

Ice Cream Paflor.
Mudgie's is celebrating five years in business with a shiny new liquor license. [Det News]

Maccabee's in Midtown also received their liquor license this week. [Macabee's FB]

The Falling Down Beer Company and Ice Cream Paflor now has a sign. [FDBC FB]

Chef Adam Hightower is no longer with Gastronomy. There is no real word on what happened, where he's headed to next ... or what this means for Gastronomy. [Crain's]

"With credit to Eat It Detroit for breaking the story on Twitter since she was there when it happened and sent out Tweets minutes afterwards" ... is apparently too much to hope for. So Woodbridge Pub got robbed with an air rifle, I was there and saw this guy totally Krav Maga the punk kid trying to hold up the place, that part was awesome and let's not be scared to go to Woodbridge now because they have good beer. [Motor City Muckraker]

Here's a great story on the Two James Spirits Distillery, coming to Corktown this summer. [Crain's]

Detroit gets ready for our close-up. The North American International Auto Show is in town; lots to read about but here and here are specifically about food, hospitality and the stunning new special events space. Also, HOLY SHIT THE NEW CORVETTE OMGOMGOMG. [Crain's / Model D / Autoweek]

New food truck coming to Ferndale this spring: Don Lucho Taco Truck and Salsa, "authentic" Mexican with vegan and vegetarian options. [Prosper/Metromode]

I'd talk about the hot dogs and the cheap food and the local sourcing at the new Deputy Dogs Coney in Clawson, but I kind of got hung up on the last line about 14 Mile Rd. being one of the most-travelled roads in the state of Michigan. I do not want to call you a liar, sir, but I do not think that this is true. [Clawson Patch]

Mike Lodish of Lodish's Champion Brittle went from playing in Superbowls to making peanut brittle. [Metromode]

New in the brunch game: Ye Olde Saloon in Royal Oak. #allhailbrunch [Ye Olde FB]

Ann Arbor and beyond

The Wurst Bar is celebrating their one-year anniversary, and have also added late night food AND beer (AND beer) delivery! Also, Friday nights there are the best. That's not in the article, I'm just telling you. []

Juicy Kitchen, a healthy cafe that also serves prepared foods like sandwiches to go, opens in A2 next week. []

~Is it just me or does it seem like one of these lists come out every three months? Eh. DRAFT Magazine names their 100 top beer bars for 2013; Ashley's Ann Arbor, Clubhouse BFD, HopCat and The Mitten Bar made the cut. [Draft Mag]
~Oskar Blues is expanding its distribution into Michigan. [Beer Pulse]
~Here is a teaser for the Michigan Beer Film, which is exactly what it sounds like. [Rhino Media]

Eat It GR

Beer City USA is in the running for being named Newsmaker of the Year by the Grand Rapids Business Journal for the explosion in the craft beer scene over the last year -- from six new breweries opening to the "Thank You, Beer" exhibit at the Grand Rapids Public Museum to, well, being named Beer City USA. [GRBJ]

Chicago is totally crushing on western Michigan's brewery scene, as well they should because their breweries blow. [Chicago Tribune]

Midwest Living also thinks our craft beer scene is totes amaze-bo. [Midwest Living]

Why is this happening in Chicago and not in Michigan where the majority of the cider is produced? You guys, we really need to stop letting Chicago take credit for everything. [Cider Summit Chicago / Vander Mill]

Beware the Curmudgeon. [Founders FB]

Easily one of the most amazing festivals/art events/community happenings you'll ever see. And it's free. And it's right here in GR. And TIME Magazine agrees, naming ArtPrize one of its five top festivals in the world for 2013. [TIME / MLive]

GR Beer Week is getting ready to launch Feb 18-23. [GRBW FB/Twitter/blahg]

Random miscellany 
~My new favorite thing discusses what we easily be my other new favorite thing if an when it indeed becomes A Thing. (Barrel-aged hot sauce, that is.) [FWF]