Friday, May 10, 2013

[EID Giveaway] Give Something to Get Something: Baconfest Tickets

Photo from Baconfest Michigan.

You want Baconfest Michigan tickets? For free? Of course you do, especially since the event is sold out.

It just so happens I've got a pair of general admission Baconfest tickets to give away to a lucky reader. Last year I made people drive all over the many, many miles of metro Detroit in search of clues on a sadistic scavenger hunt I thought no one would actually complete (one team did, and that very same day if memory serves).

This year I quite frankly do not have the time to be so detailed, but one of the most valuable things you can learn in life is that nothing is really FREE. So, I'm making you give something to get something.

My friend Nikita Santches of Rock City Pies is in the middle of a crowd-funding campaign through Indiegogo for his new venture, Rock City Eatery in Hamtramck. So here's the deal. Click on the link (^^^THAT IS A LINK, RIGHT THERE IN ORANGE), make a donation of $25 or more, and be entered for your chance to win a pair of free Baconfest Michigan tickets for Saturday, June 1.

PLEASE NOTE: The ONLY WAY you will be entered is if you (a) donate $25 or more, and (b) forward the Indiegogo confirmation email to

You might remember Rock City Pies as being the first vendor to run out of food at Baconfest last year. Nik will be back at Baconfest again this year (and with more food this time, you fucking savages).

But wait, there's more! With 12 days and counting left in his campaign, Nik still has a long way to go. If you guys put him over the top and fully fund his project, then I will personally put together for you your very own Baconfest grab bag filled with Baconfest T-shirts (you tell me the sizes), a poster, bacon-themed art, food items from local purveyors, and other freebies. At my own expense. Just for you. This grab bag will be worth over $100 in free stuff, PLUS the general admission tickets, PLUS your face all over EID + Baconfest + Rock City social medias.

Plus plus PLUS, not only do you get entered for a chance to win tickets; you'll also get whatever prize is listed on the Indiegogo campaign for the amount of your donation. So really, either way you win.

So! Donate, and get your friends to donate too. My contest will run through the end of the Rock City Eatery campaign. The winner will be selected at random by Baconfest staff on Friday, May 24, and will be notified immediately. Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

Nicole Rupersburg, HBIC of EID