Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Week We Ate (The EID Week in Review)

Stella's got an eye for design. Photo by Josh Hanford, courtesy of Stella Good Coffee.

New distillery coming to Eastern Market! About time I get something civilized within walking distance.  (Well, stumbling...all of downtown is within walking distance, but stumbling distance is better.) Sorry Vivio's, but you don't count. [Detroit City Distillery FB]

We're one step closer to being able to fill growlers at bars and restaurants and have wine tastings at farmers' markets! [MLive]

Seriously you should go to this. Guns and Butter at Ponyride. [Thrillist]

Here's more about B Spot in the D spot. [Crain's]

Two out of two news section editors at Model D agree that The Grindhouse Food Truck is pretty spiffy. Read more about Corridor Sausage Co. going mobile, as well as their recent USDA approval allowing them to wholesale. [Model D]

I spent a whole day in Midland. This is why. More to come (including why this is news and why I would drive all the way out to Midland for it) ... later. (Much later.) [EID]

In case you missed it:
-The best-designed public spaces in Detroit right now are its ever-growing number of thoughtfully-designed coffeehouses. The newly-remodeled Stella Good Coffee inside the Fisher Building is joining those ranks. [EID]
-No but really. [Model D]
-I've got tickets to the sold-out Baconfest Michigan event on Saturday, June 1 to give away, but nothing in life is free. You need to give something in return. [EID]

Trinosophes is now serving brunch. [Trinosophes FB]

Mac and cheese: Detroit's contribution to the culinary world. Aside from hot dogs slathered in chili and square pizza with a thick crust. [Freep]

Speaking of square pizza with a thick crust, Buddy's Pizza was featured on Cooking Channel's "Pizza Cuz." [Freep]

Nice SCOOP, lolololololz. Concentrate writer Kim North Shine profiles Go Ice Cream, an artisan ice cream maker based in Ypsilanti which will be available to purchase online, at select markets, and (if you live in the area) by bicycle delivery. [Concentrate]

You don't have to drive four hours out to Traverse City to be in wine country, though you DO have to cross an international border. The 2013 WindsorEats Windsor-Essex Bikes and Beers and Wine Trail Rides have started; this beautiful country is less than an hour away and a lovely way to spend an afternoon IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY! [WindsorEats]

Dominion House Tavern (The DH) - another great reason to cross the border. [Windsor Star]

Ferndale's Woodward Avenue Candy Shoppe is closing. The space has a new tenant and owner Janie DeJaeghere plans to move somewhere else in Ferndale, while still taking orders for candies and baked goods as she looks for a new space. [Ferndale Patch]

Ferndale loses one sweets shop, gains another. [Ferndale Patch]

What's going in the old Five Lakes Grill/Cinco Lagos spot in Milford? UPSCALE BBQ. [EID FB]

The 'burbs are gettin' graffiti'ed up: first Birmingham (at Toast Birmingham), now Franklin. [Bloomfield Patch]

This "Simple" evening was anything but. Thrilled and flattered to have been a part of it, with thanks to all of the wonderful, lovely people who made it happen -- Luciano, Chet, Kyle, Joe, everyone! Now peep these pretty pics. [The Fresh Exchange]

This is kind of a quick-hitting list of different developments in the works downtown happening with the oversight of Quicken et.al., among them a possible second location for the owners of Vicente's Cuban Cuisine also serving Latin food. [Detroit News]

Vander Mill has completed their $600,000 renovation and has started canning three of their ciders, which will be available in stores starting this month. [Promote Michigan]

Travel blog-thing Gadling profiles Detroit. [Gadling]

~Grand Rapids says to Kalamazoo, others: "SAY MY NAME, BITCH!" Welcome back, Beer City USA! Way to reclaim your title and MURDER the competition! (Just look at the stats.) [Examiner]

~Get ready for even more Chicagoans to infest Traverse City's wine country. [Chicago Tribune]

~MTV: still not playing music videos; now trying to be the Food Network. [MTV]