Wednesday, May 8, 2013

[Real Detroit] Hog's Hollow

This post written by EID Co-Conspirator Stefanie Cobb.
Photo by Stefanie Cobb.
Major changes are in store for Cass Bar and Grill this month and it would be a poor decision not to partake in the excitement. First of all, the name Cass Bar and Grill is dead and gone. Gather round y'all, and acquaint yourselves with the new and improved Hog's Hollow, the revitalized version of Cass Bar and Grill (same ownership). John Sattmann, owner of Hog's Hollow, is avid about the success of his restaurant. It is clear that his passion lies in good old-fashioned barbeque, as well as providing a community for people to relax with a beer and a good meal.

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